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Below is more detailed information on how you can host a Christian Meditation Retreat in your hometown (or nearby) and attend for FREE!

I love facilitating retreats; however, with the high cost of airfare and travel, many people feel a retreat is not affordable. With God Get-away Retreats I hope to change all that. At God Get-Away Retreats, I bring the retreat to you, your home town or area of your choice and all at an affordable cost to you.  With a team effort, we work together to plan, market, and execute the retreat. Each God Get-away Retreat includes an Organizer, who can work alone, with a partner, or with a committee to making it all happen.  The main organizer attends the retreat for free.  Or you can split duties with one other person and both people get one-half off retreat cost.


A God Get-away Retreat is a mini-retreat that provides 10-12 women the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of life for one weekend and get some much needed relaxation, restoration, fellowship, and renewal. (Sorry, men, we’re working on this for the future). During a God Get-away Retreat you’ll learn some tools to get your life back on track and restore some balance to your hectic schedule. Each retreat can be centered around a specific theme (see below), however all retreats include Christ-centered yoga and Christian meditation. God Get-away Retreats are ideal for groups of friends, pastor’s wives, singles and women’s groups, meet-up groups, or anyone else who needs a time out. All retreats are Christ-Centered, cause “We love the Lord,” right?


  • Life Coaches
  • Christian Counselors
  • Christian Yoga Instructors
  • Women’s Group Leaders
  • Pastor’s Wives
  • Women’s Meet-up Group Leaders
  • Stay a Home Moms
  • Any Women Interested in Bringing a Retreat to Their Area!

Are you any of the above and interested in helping to organize a Getaway with God Retreat in your hometown or someplace nearby? If so, I am now taking reservations for retreats scheduled to begin in November 14, 2014. Organizers can attend for free! Retreats must be scheduled at least 3 months in advance to allow for proper promotion and payments. Only 12 retreats are scheduled per year (one per month), so if interested, please contact me to hold your spot and get more details.


A DATE: Planning for a God Get-away Retreat  needs to begin at least 3-months in advance. Generally,God Getaway Retreats are scheduled on a Friday evening and run until Sunday afternoon. This can be adjusted to fit your needs of your group. Weekday retreats and extended retreats can be scheduled as well. We can customize God Getaway to fit your needs. We only schedule one retreat per any given month, so if you’re interest, please contact us right away.

ORGANIZERS:  We recommend whoever is hosting the retreat, to create a planning team that consists of a team leader and one or more members that will assist in organizing the God Get-away Retreat from your end. . The planning team helps with finding a retreat location, shopping for meals items (we provide the shopping list) and any other supplies needed for the retreat. All of these costs are reimbursed. Also, retreat team leaders attend for FREE!  One member of your planning team can attend the retreat for half-off the regular price. Remember, the retreat only accommodates 10-12 people, so it’s really not overwhelming at all. Someone from the planning committee will also provide transportation to and from the retreat for any God Get-away staff, that means me! The planning team will also assist during the retreat (take pictures, help with meals, help meet guest needs, help with activities), but don’t worry, there is plenty of time to enjoy the retreat as well.

COST:  Generally, a God-Getaway Retreat will generally cost between $200-300 per person, but this figure largely depends upon lodging, location, and number of participants.  To keep cost down, we recommend holding the retreat at a large home, lodge or cabin, or a facility that provides group housing. The good news is that participants save on air fare since all retreats are local.

LODGING:  Lodging should be large enough to accommodate at least 13 people for both gatherings and sleeping.  This could be either a large home, cabin or lodge, or a retreat center providing a group space. The home should also provide a kitchen, large dining table, and large room for meeting, gathering, and activities. We recommend Airbnb.com for finding all types of affording housing possibilities. The cost of lodging has the greatest effect on pricing of the retreat.

MEALS:  Meals include breakfast, lunch, and dinner and are mostly vegan and healthy. Retreaters are asked to bring healthy snacks to share (no sugar, chips or process food though).  Having a clean and healthy temple is important for our mental, physical and emotional health and also to being open and receiving from God. Beverages are also provided throughout the retreat.  Friday dinner and Sunday lunch is on your own therefore guest will want to have dinner before they arrive.

FOOD PREPPING: We will ask that the team do some food prepping before the retreat. This will minimize the amount of time needed for preparing meals during the retreat. We will set up a schedule to allow guest to help with set-up and clean-up. Working together creates team-building and will help the guest bond with one another. Menus for meals are all light, quick, and easy to prepare.

RETREAT THEMES: I provide a variety of theme options for the retreat depending upon your needs. When signing up please indicate which theme you would like the retreat to emphasize.  All retreats include time for Christ Centered Yoga (optional) and Christian Meditation. So you’ll want everyone to bring their yoga mats. Whether you’re looking for creativity, inner healing, drawing closer to God, a healthier body, we have something for you. I want to leave a lot of time for relaxation and spending time with God, so although there will be a variety of activities, the day/evenings won’t be jammed pack; however, feel free not to participate in lieu of sleeping and relaxing. (See theme descriptions below)

MASSAGES: If you’re group wants to be pampered, we can include massages at the retreat. We will need some help finding someone in the area. An additional charge for massage will be charged by those who want to participate. We can usually get services at an economical hourly rate to be divided by participants.

MARKETING: We need your help to market the God Get-away Retreat and need at least 10 participants to make it a go. We will provide you with a marketing plan, a flier, banner ads, press release, and announcements that you can share with family, friends, church, group, or the community. If you have a website, you’ll want to promote it on there as well.  Registration and payment will be set up on our website

TERMS:  Minimum attendance for retreat is 10 ladies (including the organizer) and if not reached retreat is subject to cancellation. All payments for retreat must be received at least 45-days in-advance. Therefore, we recommend at least 3 months lead time so you can publicize the retreat well and ensure minimum attendance. If retreat is canceled within 45 days of retreat, cancellation fees may apply to pay for any airfare or travel expenses already incurred by God-Get-away staff. Although we do our best  to also publicize the event, (I do have a large customer base) it is up to the organizer to in ensure minimum guest requirement.  This information will be included on contract and sign-up form for registrants’.



  • Quiet Please: Creating a Daily Power Hour: Turn your daily devotions into a power hour that reconnects you with God and renews, refreshes, and empowers you throughout the day.
  • Art, Yoga, and Meditation: Let your creative juices flow into creating your own work of art for fun and relaxation.  Add additional $10 for art supplies. No art experience necessary.
  • Meditate Your Way to a Happier, Holier, and Healthier Life: Learn how Christian meditation can heal your life and deepen your relationship with God. You’ll learn Christian meditation techniques you can incorporate daily for peace of mind, stress relief, and drawing closer to God.
  • A Date with God: Turn Your Daily Devotional to a Hour of Power– You’ll learn how to create one hour a day that will empower your life, healing your heart, and deepen your relationship with God.
  • Christian Yoga Basics: New to yoga and want to learn basic poses and breathing techniques? This class with familiarize you with the most common poses and their modifications.
  • Vision Power: The Bibles says without a vision the people perish. You’ll create a vision for one or more areas in your life and then nurture your vision by getting rid of the mental and emotional blocks standing in the way.
  • Let Love In: Single and looking for love? Learn how you might be sabotaging your love life and participate in several activities and meditations on love to let it in.
  • Spiritual Journaling: A spiritual journal is a wonderful tool to record your inspirations, fears, and encounters with God. Learn how to create a spiritual journal and activities to heal your life.
  • Winning the Battle for your Mind: Do you need to banish your inner critic? Negative thinking and emotions are prevalent everywhere, even in the church. Learn how to identify toxic thoughts, emotions, and limiting beliefs, and eliminate them from your life.
  • Pulling Down Strongholds: The Bibles says that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual to the pulling down of strongholds. Learn the weapons of the enemy and how to fight him with the right weapons.
  • God’s Original Eating Plan: What does the Bible have to say about the foods we eat? Learn how eating in alignment with scripture can restore your health. Learn tips to take charge of your health and feel better: mental, spiritual, and physically.
  • Total Mess to Total Rest: Learn tips that help you to remove the chaos from your life and walk in God’s divine balance and peace.
  • Girlfriend Getaway Pajama Party: Come to a weekend of Christian yoga, meditation, movies, and fun and games to nurture your inner child (not board games).
If you would like to learn more or schedule a retreat, please contact me at info@thechristianmeditator.com.
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