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UnPlug Christian Meditation Retreat, when you only have one day to get away.


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Wonderful Information and Demonstration


This was an amazing retreat filled with wonderful information and demonstration. This retreat allowed me to identify some of things that I have not been dealing with and have not been dealing with properly. It gave me the tools to better self-manage, relax, and resolve.

LaToya Wells, 6-16-2018

Reconnected with Myself


I had a wonderful time at the one day retreat. I came on this retreat to reconnect with myself. I have a very busy life and I have a hard time pulling away from everyone and everything just to be with me, to talk to myself, go within to relax, rewind, release, and rediscover. Somethings that are very important to me. I enjoyed being around sisters that are traveling in the same direction as me in their life journey. I learned some new tools that I can apply to help me focus. Rhonda thank you for sharing what you have learned you have enriched my soul.

Gwen Martin, 6-16-2018
San Dimas, CA

Refreshing, Uplifting, and Restorative


Today enabled me the opportunity to reset and unplug. I really enjoyed the format, the location (especially the opportunity to be outside), the intimacy of the group ( I really appreciated that we are all women) that facilitated a raw openness and vulnerability and of course Rhonda.

I would have liked more time – that’s what I would have changed, but I think the one day format was a wonderful introduction to Rhonda’s facilitation and tools. I definitely would like to return for a longer retreat in the future. I enjoyed the yoga session and guided meditations.

Kristen, 6-16-2018
SF Bay Area, CA

Information Provided Was Useful


Loved spending time together as a group

Would have been nice to do a healing group activity in the morning before yoga because I felt so much more connected to the other participants.

The lunch was delicious and thanks for the snacks

Loved the handouts – very organized and useful


Loved This One Day Getaway


I’ve enjoyed the intimacy of the groups like the welcoming prayer. Love that this was an one day getaway – would very much consider a weekend and week long retreat.

Cindy Wickenkamp, 6-16-2018
Rocklin, CA

Great Experience


It was a great experience. I enjoyed the material and yoga. It was a spiritual and fulfilling experience. I would come again.

Sally, 6-16-2018
Roseville, CA

Continuing My Journey


The one day reset retreat gave me so much to continue on this journey. I loved setting your own growth. Today reminded me how important it is to stop and reset my meditation mantra.

Susan Lena, 6-16-2018
Sacramento, CA

Life Changing Retreat


This was absolutely an amazing life changing retreat. I was able to look deeper inward instead of on the surface. Recognizing this I am better to mentor the girls in juvenile hall. I am better now and want to carry this godly wisdom forever. Thank you Rhonda. Something great is happening.

Aaronette Moore, 6-16-2018
Sacramento, CA

Very Moving Experience


This was a great experience, very moving. Although it was only one day, I felt I was given lots of tools and information to help me on my spirituality journey. I already plan on taking Rhonda’s next retreat whenever, wherever it is held.

Robin Ward, 6-16-2018
Sacramento, CA
christian yoga retreat

Retreaters had time to relax and reflect in nature. 


christian meditation retreat sacramento

One of our sessions in the beautiful outdoors.

Christian meditation retreat unplug

Comfy chairs for our sessions.


christian yoga retreat california

Just a little bit of Christ-centered yoga to help us relax, center, and quiet our minds.

Christian unplug retreat

It’s so great to unplug on a regular basis to reconnect with God and yourself. 

christian womens retreat california

Spent some time doing walking meditation.


Most Exciting 4-days


Thank you very much. This was the most exciting 4-days that I have had in years. I never meditated nor have done yoga, so thank you. My highlights of the retreat were understanding spiritual meditation and meeting new and wonderful Christians or shall I say God’s children. I will walk away with new tools to better my life and a better way to Be Still and listen to God.

Shelia , WA

The Relaxed Tone was very Inviting


The relaxed tone was very inviting. I felt immediately at ease in the environment that Rhonda has cultivated. I feel like I will be leaving this retreat with an arsenal of tools to deal with over-activity, distractions, and anxiety. I am so grateful for Rhonda’s joyful heart and giving spirit. She was a wonderful facilitator.

Joe, WA

This Retreat has given me Hope


This retreat was wonderful. The atmosphere was conducive to our goal! Everyone was friendly, loving, and wonderful to each other. This retreat has given me hope and hope to share with my family. The retreat has given me a clarity and peace that was not there before. The highlights were the “Scrub the Wall” meditation, the “Scripture Meditation,” and EVERYTHING outside! I think Rhonda Jones’ demeanor was professional, personal, loving, and KNOWLEDGABLE! I could listen to her all day. The course content was COMPLETELY relevant to my life. It was easy to learn and just soak in all the information as I was so thirsty for it.

Veronica , WA

Rhonda is an amazing God-loving gentle Woman


The retreat was wonderful! I feel I have had a couple of breakthroughs during meditation sessions and I now have tools to take home with me from what I’ve learned. Rhonda is an amazing God-loving gentle woman. The course content was very relevant to my daily life.

Jenny , WA

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