France Christian Meditation Retreat

South of France Christian Meditation & Inner Healing Retreat- July 2023

New Retreat Dates: July 7-July 15, 2023

“Come unto me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”- Matthew 11:28
The last several years have been a struggle for so many of us. Many have lost friends and family, even jobs, while others have become disillusioned by worldly events. These have often led to sadness, fear, hopelessness, and even despair. Yet even in the midst of adversity and turmoil, God still provides us an opportunity to embrace peace, joy, and prosperity.
But let’s be real, even prior to the past few years, far too many of us have lived with stress, busyness, distractions, and inner pain for so long that it just feels normal. It’s not!  it’s just familiar! Not until we deal directly with and heal the disturbances living “within us,”  can we consistently experience God’s genuine rest.  “So there is a special rest still waiting for the people of God.” Hebrews 4:9 (New Living Translation)
Every bad or negative experience in our lives provides us with a pathway to healing when we perceive it as such. One of my favorite quotes is, “Never let a good emotional crisis go to waste.” During mindful rest and retreat, we pause, unpack, reflect, reset, and reposition our lives. And with the right tools and guidance, we can become our very own healers and no longer slaves to our history, fears, patterns, old beliefs, and wounds.
All too often, even when we feel that yearning to “come unto me and rest,” our cultural conditioning promotes productivity, or we aren’t really clear how even to go about this spiritual rest. So many retreats, even Christian ones, bombard us with social events, meetings, and teaching, but fail to allow, even promote that extended time and space to mindfully enter into God’s presence.  Without this “scheduled rest,” we can become disconnected from our own hearts and bodies causing us to lose that vital connection and life force with who we are and who God created us to be.  
During this retreat, you’ll participate in daily meditation and instruction,  Living Untethered Workshops based upon the life-changing work of author Michael Singer, gentle and restorative Christ-Centered yoga, daily releasing and healing workshops, and spiritual tools and activities that can move you towards that place of peace beyond understanding and unspeakable joy.
Come for a week and break free from the turmoil (both inner and outer) that is distracting you from your heart, dreams, self-love and care, inner wisdom, healing, joy, and more abundant life. 
We all need extended times to get away, clear our minds, heal our hurts, transform our hearts, and dwell in God’s presence. It was Jesus’ daily custom and our example.
Draw unto God during this time of mindful rest and release with like-minded believers!
“Come unto me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”


Through Christian meditation, self-awareness, and other spiritual disciplines at this retreat you’ll learn how to:

        • Let go of your fears and limiting beliefs
        • Understand how “you” create your own reality
        • Flow & affect with what God is doing in your life
        • Understand the “true” source of your happiness
        • Learn how to let go and allow God
        • Open doors to greater blessings and abundance
        • Effortlessly create a life you’ll love
        • Set an intention for your life
        • Remove resistance to your dreams and desires
        • Learn how your thoughts and emotions dictate your success
under a waterfall

About the Retreat Location:

Located in the heart of the magnificent region of Gascony, surrounded by fields and hills, The Château is an historical French estate whose foundations date back to the Middle Age.

With its towers, windmills, ancient wine cellar, the Château is an authentic leftover of the French history and a reflection of the unique rural tradition of the region.

For the most part, the current batiment of the castle dates back to the 18th century built by the Comtesse de Beaumont, a former courtesan at the King of France court. The Comtess, who owned the Château until the early 19th century, built a splendid estate including a huge park decorated with statues as well as a small chapel.

With 12 bedrooms decorated in a warm, rural and antique style, two living rooms equipped with TV and WIFI, dining rooms, French pool room with board games, historical library, a large studio room of 160 sqm, a 6-acre park featuring ancient oaks and a splendid bathing lake located a few minutes away, the Château is the ideal setting to welcome large groups and host retreats in a tranquil and serene environment.

In addition to the practice of yoga and training activities, guests can enjoy their free time at the Château by taking walks through the exquisite countryside, going for refreshing baths in the nearby swimming lake, visiting local markets and historical villages nearby, participating in local festivals and tasting local wines as well as delicious regional products.

About God Getaway Retreats

 I’m excited to announce my 6th God Getaways Christian Meditation Retreat that will be held in the South of France in Summer of 2023. My Christian Meditation Retreats have attracted Christians from all over the globe who are interested in learning how to meditate, deepen their practice, draw closer to God, and find inner healing. During this retreat you’ll be provided with tools and instruction to:

          • Establish a regular meditation practice
          • Restore your peace of mind
          • Release past pain, hurts, and limiting beliefs
          • Make new friendships with like-minded believers
          • Personal quiet time for rest, relaxation, and reflection
          • Afternoon personal diving deeper activities to connect with yourself and God.
          • Transform your life!

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Pictures of Retreat Center & Surrounding Area

France Christian Retreat

What’s Included:

        • 8 days, 7-night accommodations (double/triple occupancy)
        • Fresh organic meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner
        • Daily meditation and instruction 
        • Daily workshops & retreat workbook
        • Gentle Christ-centered yoga workouts
        • Transportation to and from retreat center. (see details below)
        • Several excursions including transportation for sight-seeing in nearby cities, markets, etc. 
        • Pre retreat hotel stay in Toulouse (single/double/triple occupancy)

Not Included: 

        • Airfare to and from France
        • Meals outside of the retreat center. Does not include meals at the hotel or during excursions. 
        • Spa treatments
        • Additional classes, workshops, or personal excursions not facilitated by the retreat host. For example, classes hosted by the center or paid tour experiences.  


Gentle Christ-Centered Yoga: Most mornings we will begin our day with a gentle Christ-centered yoga practice to strengthen our bodies and quiet our minds. Yoga is known for its mental, emotional, and physical benefits. Yoga classes are dedicated to God and are infused with scripture and prayer throughout.  (FYI- I will be completing a Trauma-Sensitive Yoga training this year and will incorporate movements and poses that promote emotional regulation and rebalancing of our nervous systems.)
Evening Yoga Nidra: While laying in your most relaxing and comfortable state, enjoy Christ-Centered meditation, imagery, and soaking prayers. These unique and powerful Nidra’s can be instrumental in addressing trauma and promoting the healing process within.
Hiking & Bike Riding: During your afternoon free time, bikes are available to explore the countryside or you can venture out for a hike or stroll.
Bathing Lake: We are within walking distance of a beautiful bathing lake where you can take a drip or wade in the pool right on the property.
Reflective & Personal Time: Each day during the retreat, you will have time to dive deeper by connecting with yourself and God as well as deepening your meditation practice.
Spirit Embodiment Dancing: “We hold our issues in our tissues.”  Inner healing isn’t about just renewing the mind but also freeing the body and bringing the two into purposeful and healthy alignment with the heart and Spirit of God. Romans 8:6 declares, “the mind (and body) governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” To some of our favorite worship songs as well as instrumental and rhythmic music of various cultures, with worship flags, scarves, or just your own bodies, we will use the music, movement, and mindful prompts as a tool for releasing, confronting, and freeing our bodies of pain and trauma. If you have a favorite song that soothes, awakens, or energizes your spirit, please let me know. 
Walking Meditation: Practice opening your heart through walking meditation with your eyes open. During walking meditation, you walk in God’s love, power, vision, abundance, healing, and intention. Learn to walk in the energy of who God created you to be. Another form of walking meditation is to repeat a special word or phrase to draw your attention back to God each time your mind wanders off. (Bring headphones for your phone or can use a script.)
France Christian Retreat 2


See Sample Retreat Schedule:


Friday (Arrive in France): We will be staying overnight in hotel near Toulouse.


Saturday (Arrival to Retreat)

2:00 P.M.- Via transfer busses, leave hotel for retreat center, about 1.5 hours drive.

3:30 p.m.- Get rooms, settled in, and relax.

5:30 p.m.- Dinner

6:30- Evening gathering, overview, and get acquainted.


Daily Retreat Schedule: (At least two excursion will be included as well)

Sample Only:
8:00 – Christ-Centered Yoga
9:00- Breakfast
10:00–Meditation & Healing Workshop
12:00- Lunch & Break
2:00 – Living Untethered Workshop
3:30- Break, Reflection, Quiet time, & Practice
6:00- Dinner
7:00- Group Activity
8:00- Evening Activity: Yoga Nidra, Candlelight Yoga, Meditation Practice, Spirit Dance

Saturday (Last Day of Retreat)


  • Breakfast
  • Leave retreat center to airport at 10:00 a.m.

Departure to airport or personal sight-seeing and tours.


Details, Registration & Pricing

To get even more details regarding retreat, pricing and registration, please click on the link below.

Easy and affordable payment plan available.

About Your Retreat Host

Rhonda Jones has been facilitating retreats for the last 8-years bringing people from all over the globe. Her mission is one of healing after suffering from 4-years of a deep depression that modern medicine couldn’t relieve.  “I believe that with the right knowledge and tools we can heal ourselves from within,” says Rhonda.


“Circumstances, crisis, and our inner pains and wounds can challenge us, but they don’t have to take us out at least not for long,” she declares.


Rhonda has hosted meditation retreats in Mexico, Italy, Costa Rica, Mount Shasta, and Northern California. Upcoming 2020 retreats also include France and Mexico. She is planning a retreat in Canada as well for 2021. 


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