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A Wonderful Opportunity

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a God getaway retreat that was held in Casafistula, Costa Rica. This was a pre Birthday gift I had given to myself that I have to say has been to date one of the best birthday gifts I have had and experienced. I didn’t know what to anticipate other than I knew we would be doing yoga, practicing Christian guided meditations ( which I was really interested in ) and there would be praise and worship. Well, this retreat was more than I could ever have anticipated. It was like a lavish banquet table that had been set out, where course after course was served, nourishing my body, mind, and spirit. The spirit of the Lord was noticeably present in each of our sessions!

With Rhonda’s guidance, through each session that we had throughout the week, I knew that I was there to hear from God – and I did as I opened up my mind and my heart to what He had to teach me whether it was through Rhonda’€™s guided scripture meditations, her teaching sessions, the diving deeper exercises we did on our own, or the yoga sessions or praise and worship sessions. It was a week that was as intense as it was restful as Rhonda covered some significant and important material in mindfulness based on scripture and giving us tools to apply. It went by so quickly, but during that week I also connected with new friends that I know I will stay in contact with.

The food we were served during this week was fabulous. I think there was more than a few of us who would have liked to have taken the chef with us to be our own personal chef! The accommodations were basic but seemed to be perfect in that we weren’t distracted for why we were there. It was nice to enjoy the hammocks, and the pool that was also there for our enjoyment.

My only recommendation I would have for this retreat would be, that in addition to the hand outs that Rhonda provided us, i think it would have been helpful to have had handouts on the additional notes and stories Rhonda shared as we went through each of our sessions. What Rhonda was sharing was pertinent to what we were learning and I sometimes missed some things as I was wanting to write it all down. Having this information already at hand would be good in that we would mainly have to highlight what stood out to us and we would be able to refer back to them later and it would still make sense. That being said, I would attend another retreat facilitated by Rhonda in a New York minute!

Thank you Rhonda for your obedience to the Holy Spirit guiding you to be a facilitator of these retreats. I was richly and wonderfully blessed and I now have tools to use in my day to day life. Two of the guided meditations that really were transformational for me was the one about the wall of resistance and also the very last one we did together as a group on the Holy Spirit. They were profound and really spoke right into my heart.

Grace White, Saskatchewan, CANADA

I’m thankful

First off Rhonda I want to compliment you on the wonderful week in Costa Rica. I didn’t have any preconceived notions about what we would be doing. pretty much yoga. I’m a newbie on that and meditation. Well with my mind always flying around it’s a challenge, but you really are a fabulous guide!!! I found the retreat one of The softest sweetest personal journeys I’ve ever been on. I was able to chase day-to-day living out of my mind and focus on further getting to know my inner self. This requires you to really leave your normal circumstances and that’s what a retreat does to create this type of environment where you are able to really do some work deep down inside. Personally it also was very rewarding to realize that anger hardly has a place in my heart. I’m thankful for you; your knowledge and skills and ability with self-discovery and the meditation with the spirit and the yoga.

Sue Lena, Retired, Sacramento, CA

Get new ways to connect with God

God did amazing things on this retreat, just as I imagined He would. I was nervous about what to expect but every day was full of new insights and ways to connect with God on a deeper level. In the first 24 hours, Rhonda taught us to ask God to reveal things to us – like where we needed healing, where our bodies felt rejection, and what we wanted from Him. In this secluded environment, I was able to truly focus on these life-changing concepts and learn to trust God more.

First, I discovered that I had a limited belief about God’s goodness; I didn’t really believe He was good or would always accomplish good on my behalf. This was the first thing He healed in me. Now I have scriptures to support the goodness of God in the past, present, and future. He wanted me to know how this belief was really limiting my daily joy in life, and how it was affecting my relationships. Immediately, I felt more free, as if clouds had been removed from my eyes and now I could collect evidence of His goodness without a focus on my disappointments.

Then Rhonda led us through an exercise identifying a place in our bodies that senses negative input or the lack of complete acceptance. I felt it in my neck, where it closes up, gets tight, and even feels like someone choking me, cutting off the air. God gave me confirmation during the week that this was my ‘body area’ which responds to rejection; now I had a physical way to measure when the spirit is free within me vs when I am just pushing through on my own. I used to love playing the piano and painting, but haven’t done either for a long time. With God’s healing of this ‘creative flow’ in my throat and neck, I now feel great freedom to add these things back into my life!  Who knew … that a body part could signify so much about my spiritual state and under the Holy Spirit’s guidance, bring both healing and rejuvenation to me? Now I am aware of when I feel closed and when I feel open. More joy is coming, I know!

In our last day, Rhonda taught us to identify three core values, (which I’ve done many times before, right?), but also to attach a positive emotion to these things. Then we listed activities that bring us more bliss in our lives, and added those activities to our calendars!  What a concept. Just add the things in that raise our emotional state and that honor our values. I loved this fantastic closure to the week, and recognize that God orchestrated the sessions for my personal growth and freedom in stuck areas.

I thought that the primitive environment would be a deterrent to hearing from God, but instead it enhanced my ability to really hear Him and know where I would feel the most relief from emotional pain. Now home, I know that the tools I learned on this retreat will serve me to keep my healing and to keep a check on my emotions so that the Spirit is involved, and I am better able to practice emotional wisdom throughout my day – and my life!  Thank you, Rhonda, for offering so much freedom to so many!

Lynette Isaak, Recovery and Transformational Life Coach, OR

Rhonda Jones is very Professional, Friendly and Inspiring

Christian meditation and yoga retreat

Rhonda Jones is very professional, friendly and inspiring. The tools provided are priceless. I started the reatat with uncertainty and reluctancy. However, by the second day, I knew god had prepared me for such a time as this. the course content was so relevant to my specific needs that I felt as if the retreat was designed just for me. However, this was a shared feeling among all of the participants. I would highly recommend Rhonda’s retreat, so much that I am trying which one to book next!

Veronica Vega, Southern California

The God Getaway Retreat was a Godsend

The God Getaway Retreat was a Godsend to help with my journey of evolving. The tools that Rhonda taught was for me at the right time. My experience was well worth it and was even able to put a few of the tools into practice while there. The retreat center had all the ambriance of being away at a remote location. The excursions, food, and views were amazing.

Dawn Marie Times, Sacramento, CA

I really enjoyed the meditation sessions

I truly enjoyed the retreat in Canafistual, Costa Rica. The accommodations were perfect for a Christian yoga and meditation retreat. Our host, Rhonda Jones was extremely hospitable and gracious. I really enjoyed the meditation sessions. I would recommend others to take part in Rhonda’s retreats.

Yvonne Evans, Sacramento, CA

Sessions were Helpful and Life Changing

Thank you so much Rhonda! You are an amazing teacher and encourager. The material is very impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the retreat. The sessions were helpful and life changing. The practical “digging deeper” were awesome and I will continue to complete at home.

Michelle Palmer, Tustin, CA

I am so excited

I am so excited about this weekend, the tools that were given, the new friends I’ve made, the beauty if Gods creations, and all the wonderful organic food I have enjoyed! With the blessing of the retreat and tools, I feel I have a new responsibility to put them to use and pray for the Holy Spirit to keep reminding me of them.

Lucy, AL

Overall Very Good

Overall very good opportunity to connect with people who are sharing a similar struggles (being quiet with God). Loved the yoga and practice meditation sessions. I now feel equipped to “Be Still” at home/work/where ever I need to be.

Becky, TX

The Retreat was Excellent

The retreat was excellent, the tools and learning experience and practicing meditation has had a great impact on me. The highlights for me were learning and meditation. You have spent a lot of time and effort going deeper and “creating” these helpful tools through your own experience.

John, AL

I was Truly Blessed

The retreat was held in a beautiful location with many places to go for meditation; I was truly blessed by every session, especially the yoga exercise.

Gloria, CA

I loved and enjoyed the retreat!

Christian meditation and yoga retreat

I loved and enjoyed the retreat! I think it is a must for anyone that wants to learn how to be still in the presence of God. After attending the retreat I feel that I am able to overcome stress, doubt, worry, fear and insecurity through the power of meditation and surrender to God. The highlight of the retreat for me was the beautiful location and trip to Mount Shasta and the Waterfalls. Rhonda is very knowledgeable and passionate about her ministry and works very hard to deliver a quality product. I enjoy her soft, sweet and kind spirit. May God bless you can continue on in your gifts and anointing.

Michael, CA

Glorious Experience

The retreat was a glorious experience, I feel cleansed of so much toxic waste. I feel convinced and equipped to continue meditation as a daily devotional gift. The examples given allow me to see myself, applicably in real life situations. I see you and experience you with a gift of calming, love, purity and authentic Christ like qualities.

Beverly, CA

The Meditations were Powerful

Rhonda thank you for a beautiful inspiring retreat, the meditations were powerful and helped me to understand specifically how to meditate on the scripture. Your vast knowledge during the workshop was impressive and I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from the topics.

Laura, CA

This weekend was amazing.

This weekend was amazing. I have had a pattern of running from the emotions I felt in quietness. This weekend allowed me to feel and believe this is the beginning of transformation. I now have the tools to live my life as a believer and act like one, free from stress and anxiety. Thank you Rhonda and Peggy for all of your work to put this together and facilitate the weekend.

Pam , AZ

Most Exciting 4-days

Thank you very much. This was the most exciting 4-days that I have had in years. I never meditated nor have done yoga, so thank you. My highlights of the retreat were understanding spiritual meditation and meeting new and wonderful Christians or shall I say God’s children. I will walk away with new tools to better my life and a better way to Be Still and listen to God.

Shelia , WA

The Relaxed Tone was very Inviting

The relaxed tone was very inviting. I felt immediately at ease in the environment that Rhonda has cultivated. I feel like I will be leaving this retreat with an arsenal of tools to deal with over-activity, distractions, and anxiety. I am so grateful for Rhonda’s joyful heart and giving spirit. She was a wonderful facilitator.

Joe, WA

This Retreat has given me Hope

This retreat was wonderful. The atmosphere was conducive to our goal! Everyone was friendly, loving, and wonderful to each other. This retreat has given me hope and hope to share with my family. The retreat has given me a clarity and peace that was not there before. The highlights were the “Scrub the Wall” meditation, the “Scripture Meditation,” and EVERYTHING outside! I think Rhonda Jones’ demeanor was professional, personal, loving, and KNOWLEDGABLE! I could listen to her all day. The course content was COMPLETELY relevant to my life. It was easy to learn and just soak in all the information as I was so thirsty for it.

Veronica , WA

Rhonda is an amazing God-loving gentle Woman

The retreat was wonderful! I feel I have had a couple of breakthroughs during meditation sessions and I now have tools to take home with me from what I’ve learned. Rhonda is an amazing God-loving gentle woman. The course content was very relevant to my daily life.

Jenny , WA

The retreat was everything I hoped

The retreat was everything I hoped it would be and more. I learned new spiritual tools that will help me in my search to know God more intimately. these tools are “priceless.” Rhonda, you are a sweet and gentle spirit whose love for God shines through. Thank you for being obedient to God’s calling- your work helping Christians get past the “talk” into the “walk” with God.


I was extremely Impressed

I was extremely impressed with the retreat. Everything was done with a spirit of excellence. I will forever be changed through the power of meditation (time with God). The principles you shared were confirmations that I must “Be Still” and awaken the power within. Rhonda, you have a beautiful spirit and are walking in what God has called you to. To use your pain and testimonies are an important and necessary part of the retreat experience. Your past pains were there to guide others through the same life struggles we all face. The course content and stories were sent to you by the Holy Spirit. I have a prayer room in my home where I use to thresh on the floor 3-4 times per week with God. The cares of life took me from that. So you see God used you to be my GPS guide to guide me back to Him!

Charrisee, CA


My overall thoughts of the retreat are awesome. It was sad to pack up and leave. The highlight of the retreat for me was making new friends and the Soaking in the Spirit session. My goal for the retreat was to be forever changed and experience God like I never have before and the Holy Spirit wrapped his arms around me and I felt him give me a hug. I cried like when your parents give you a much needed hug. I also flet or visioned Him washing away my pain and hurts. Rhonda was great. I love her honesty and “down to earth” attitude. She was relate-able and I appreciate her willingness to share that even though she knows how to meditate and be one with the Lord, she still gets pissed and still wrestles with self-confidence. It shows that this is a process and we will never fully be at a place where we don’t have to learn, grow, and ask for forgiveness. I would like to see this be a yearly thing. This has been a transforming and life changing activity.

Aletha, WA

The Retreat Impacted my Life in a Powerful Way

Christian meditation and yoga retreat

The retreat impacted my life in a powerful way. Rhonda you are living in the moment! Praise the Lord! Follow the passion of your life and it will lead you to peace and joy that is Jesus.

Sherry, CA

Retreat has completely changed my Life

My first impression of the retreat was that it completely changed my life. I lived a life of confusion, doubt, and depression and was prayer-less prior to the retreat. Upon learning to still my mind and soul, I learned the power of prayer and the tools to use it properly. My highlights were the great company I was in. The people were fantastic, the activities were amazing, and the material inspirational. This retreat has changed my life and the lives of all the people I will come in contact with. Lives were changed and Jesus was glorified through this retreat. I absolutely adore Rhonda. She was graceful and present and she delivered the material in a loving way full of God’s love. I learned a lot from her simply because of her love for life, others, and for Christ. Thanks to Rhonda and this retreat depression, confusion, and doubt no longer linger at my door.

Lanora, WA

Wonderful Information and Demonstration

This was an amazing retreat filled with wonderful information and demonstration. This retreat allowed me to identify some of things that I have not been dealing with and have not been dealing with properly. It gave me the tools to better self-manage, relax, and resolve.

LaToya Wells, 6-16-2018

Reconnected with Myself

I had a wonderful time at the one day retreat. I came on this retreat to reconnect with myself. I have a very busy life and I have a hard time pulling away from everyone and everything just to be with me, to talk to myself, go within to relax, rewind, release, and rediscover. Somethings that are very important to me. I enjoyed being around sisters that are traveling in the same direction as me in their life journey. I learned some new tools that I can apply to help me focus. Rhonda thank you for sharing what you have learned you have enriched my soul.

Gwen Martin, 6-16-2018
San Dimas, CA

Refreshing, Uplifting, and Restorative

Today enabled me the opportunity to reset and unplug. I really enjoyed the format, the location (especially the opportunity to be outside), the intimacy of the group ( I really appreciated that we are all women) that facilitated a raw openness and vulnerability and of course Rhonda.

I would have liked more time – that’s what I would have changed, but I think the one day format was a wonderful introduction to Rhonda’s facilitation and tools. I definitely would like to return for a longer retreat in the future. I enjoyed the yoga session and guided meditations.

Kristen, 6-16-2018
SF Bay Area, CA

Information Provided Was Useful

  • Loved spending time together as a group
  • Would have been nice to do a healing group activity in the morning before yoga because I felt so much more connected to the other participants.
  • The lunch was delicious and thanks for the snacks
  • Loved the handouts – very organized and useful

Loved This One Day Getaway

I’ve enjoyed the intimacy of the groups like the welcoming prayer. Love that this was an one day getaway – would very much consider a weekend and week long retreat.

Cindy Wickenkamp, 6-16-2018
Rocklin, CA

Great Experience

It was a great experience. I enjoyed the material and yoga. It was a spiritual and fulfilling experience. I would come again.

Sally, 6-16-2018
Roseville, CA

Continuing My Journey

The one day reset retreat gave me so much to continue on this journey. I loved setting your own growth. Today reminded me how important it is to stop and reset my meditation mantra.

Susan Lena, 6-16-2018
Sacramento, CA

Life Changing Retreat

This was absolutely an amazing life changing retreat. I was able to look deeper inward instead of on the surface. Recognizing this I am better to mentor the girls in juvenile hall. I am better now and want to carry this godly wisdom forever. Thank you Rhonda. Something great is happening.

Aaronette Moore, 6-16-2018
Sacramento, CA

Very Moving Experience

This was a great experience, very moving. Although it was only one day, I felt I was given lots of tools and information to help me on my spirituality journey. I already plan on taking Rhonda’s next retreat whenever, wherever it is held.

Robin Ward, 6-16-2018
Sacramento, CA


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