Ladies, Need a Little Help Manifesting Your Vision?

In order to be successful you need to have a vision from God. Whenever you have a vision from God, you are at the first level of success for your life. However a vision is not the only thing that will bring you to

the place of success. You need to take the right actions and even network with like-minded ladies that will ensure that your vision in the best way possible. This is where we at God Getaways come in.


An Atmosphere to Reflect

At God Getaways, we focus on providing retreats that help you reconnect to your vision, reflect on it and also revise the vision you have. There is always something about the atmosphere that we choose to use when working on our vision. When you come to the serene environments that we have for our Ladies’ vision retreat you will definitely find clarity for your vision.



Christians were created to thrive in the context of relationships. For your vision to manifest you therefore need to network with other like- minded ladies who are going in the same direction as you are. Our

retreats attract ladies from all walks of life, different professions and strata of society. Being in the presence of such other women, you will definitely be enlightened, inspired to pursue what you are passionate about. More to that, you will also be able to get the necessary resources you need to bring your dream to fruition in the sense of connections to the market place, legal fraternity or even ministry.


Goal Setting and Planning

Our women of vision retreats bring you to a fellowship and give you the resources and intellectual support to help you set goals and create actionable plans that will ensure you see the vision come to pass. You will have an opportunity to articulate your visions into small goals that you can work on one at a time. With goals, you can then move to creating actionable plans that will put you to the path of fulfillment of your vision.


Work and Fun

You have an opportunity to have fun while you work on your vision. Women With Vision retreats are tailored to have fun so that you can refresh and rejuvenate your mind and spirit while you work on the ideation process for the dream you have.

Work with no play makes you dull. We have physical activities, meditation programs and relaxation to help you be in the right frame of mind to make practical decisions.


Move Past Resistance

You can move beyond whatever it is that is a barrier towards the fulfillment of your dreams. Getaway with God retreats are tailored to ensure you release to God and draw from Him the power and wisdom to navigate the contradictions of life.


Just For You

As a woman, the universe and the whole world is out there waiting for your vision to provide solutions to humanity. You can come to the Women With Vision retreats and start the journey towards manifesting your vision to the fullest.


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