I’m thankful

First off Rhonda I want to compliment you on the wonderful week in Costa Rica. I didn’t have any preconceived notions about what we would be doing. pretty much yoga. I’m a newbie on that and meditation. Well with my mind always flying around it’s a challenge, but you really are a fabulous guide!!! I found the retreat one of The softest sweetest personal journeys I’ve ever been on. I was able to chase day-to-day living out of my mind and focus on further getting to know my inner self. This requires you to really leave your normal circumstances and that’s what a retreat does to create this type of environment where you are able to really do some work deep down inside. Personally it also was very rewarding to realize that anger hardly has a place in my heart. I’m thankful for you; your knowledge and skills and ability with self-discovery and the meditation with the spirit and the yoga.

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