What Does It Mean to Fill Up Your Spiritual Gas Tank?

If you have driven then you know that a vehicle can only go so far before you run low on fuel. When a vehicle runs low on fuel you definitely will need to fill it up. Our lives are much more like this. The journey through life is demanding. It goes without saying that we come to phases in life where we will need to refill our spiritual gas tanks.

If you know and feel that you need a spiritual filling then you need to know what it really means to fill up your spiritual gas tank. This will not only help you identify the best place to go for the spirit replenishment.


What It Means to Have a Spiritual Filling

A Deeper Sense of God

Being filled spiritually means that you will have a deeper sense of God. It means that God is more real to you and you can sense His presence, comfort and direction in your life.


Emotional Healing

When your spiritual gas tank is filled, you will be more in touch with your emotions. This also means that you will also be more in control of your emotions. You will get to get rid of the negative emotion and harness the positive emotion of joy, love and hope. Positive emotions give you a better chance at dealing with the challenges that life throws at you.


Physical Healing

The word says that as our souls prosper we will prosper and be in health. The status of your spirit dictates the status of your body. A spiritual reconnection and filling will without doubt take care of some physical ailments in your body.

Most of the physical disease, illness and ailments we suffer come from stress and having a drained spirit. As you reconnect to God during the getaway with Him, healing will flow from your spirit to replenish, rejuvenate and energize your body for a robust life.


Filling with The Word

A simple time away to fill yourself with the Word of God and let it cleanse and build you up will go a long way to fill you up spiritually. A getaway is always an awesome opportunity to take in and explore scriptures even in the context of small group discussions or personal time.


Meditation and Spiritual Discipline

Meditation can go a long way to ensure you come to the right frame of mind and attain rejuvenation. Meditation is always a great way to connect to the inner man and to God. Christocentric meditation will ensure there is harmony in your spirit soul and body for better living.


Just For You

Spiritual filling and replenishment will leave you feeling charged and new. We have tailored our retreats and getaway packages in a way that they will address the state of your being holistically and bring you to the place of your best self. Don’t go about life low on spiritual power, wisdom and insight. Be part of our upcoming getaway events today.

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