women fo color retreat

Women of Color Wellness Retreat

4 Days, 3 Nights

Upcoming Date: Not Scheduled

Location: Northern California, TBD

Cost: TBD 

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Why a Wellness Retreat?


Need rest, healing, and rejuvenation? Maybe you need to unplug, let go, and find clarity in your life.Come and break free from the distractions and busyness and reestablish your inner calm and zen. You’ll enjoy guided meditation, yoga, and wellness workshops along with variety of other activities to transform your heart and nurture your spirit. We all need extended times to get away, clear our minds, and just be with ourselves and God. This is also a time for mindful rest and release the worries and cares of life! Is it time for you to take a spiritual healing retreat?


What you can expect daily: 


Daily Workshops – You’ll attend daily guided meditation and personal and spiritual growth workshops that will help you to deepen your meditation practice, heal wounds and limiting beliefs, create a stronger spiritual foundation, and more. 


Time with Like-Minded Sister Friends – Sometimes it’s difficult to find sisters who are on the same path of personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. This can make our spiritual journey lonely and sometime difficult. Connecting with like-minded sisters in a supportive and safe place can help to build, nurture, and fortify your own heart. 


Personal Time for Yourself – Spending time alone in nature and solitude brings clarity, healing, and comfort. This is a time to “just be.” You’ll receive daily reflective assignments to help you connect with yourself and deepen your meditative practices. It’s important that we stop and take time to connect with our own heart to address any pains, hurts, and needs that may be buried under the busyness. Connecting with our spirit also help to clarify our values and helps us to stay on a path that really matters. 


Guided Spiritual Meditations – Calm your mind and find your inner zen.


Gentle Yoga Classes – Yoga is a moving meditation that helps us to clear the mind and release toxic emotions from our bodies. You’ll participate in gentle & inspirational yoga classes that promote strength, relaxation, and flexibility, and inspiration.  


Daily meals  – 3 fresh, healthy, and life-sustaining meals.


Prices for this trip are incredibly affordable and include lodgingall meals (at the center) and workshops/classes along with materials. Prices do not include airfare or transportation.


Coming alone? No problem, you’ll be matched up with a roommates. 

  • Accommodations in lodge and cabin setting
  • Freshly prepared meals every day


We are all on a spiritual journey and all spiritual paths are welcomed!

women fo color retreat


Sample Saturday Retreat Schedule:

(Retreat meets from Thursday to Sunday)

8:00 – Morning Meditation

8:30-  Gentle Yoga Practice & Group Meditation

9:30-  Breakfast

10:30- Workshop

All workshops focus on meditation and its techniques and instruction, establishing or deepening an authentic practice, rewriting your mental script, what you can feel you can heal, maintaining peace of mind, and eliminating stress along with guided practice.

12:30- Lunch

1:30 – 4:30- Personal, Activity, and Reconnect Time:

(Afternoons alternates between personal alone time to complete self-healing assignments and nurturing and/or recreational activities that include:

          • Personal Coaching with Rhonda*
          • Massages and Spa Treatments
          • Meditation Walks
          • Hiking and Exploring the Area
          • Work on Personal Self Healing and Clarity Assignments
          • Personal Quiet & Reflective Time
          • Group Activity

*At additional fees payable at retreat

5:30 – Group Meditation

6:00- Dinner

7:00 p.m. – Inspirational Messages- During this time we listen to the mystics, spiritual leaders, or voices of those past and present whose wisdom can teach us how to live with more peace, joy, and purpose. 

8:00-  Evening Activity: Gentle Candle-light Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Praise Flags & Dancing, Sharing Circles, etc.

Extras: (Not included in price of retreat)

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About Your Retreat Host

Rhonda Jones has been facilitating retreats for the last 8-years bringing people from all over the globe. Her mission is one of healing after suffering from 4-years of a deep depression that modern medicine couldn’t relieve.  “I believe that with the right knowledge and tools we can heal ourselves from within,” says Rhonda.


“Circumstances, crisis, and our inner pains and wounds can challenge us, but they don’t have to take us out at least not for long,” she declares.


Rhonda has hosted meditation retreats in Mexico, Italy, Costa Rica, Mount Shasta, and Northern California. Upcoming 2020 retreats also include France and Mexico. She is planning a retreat in Canada as well for 2021. 


See Past Retreat and Photo Pages. 



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