5 Signs You Might Need to Getaway with God

Spiritual life is a lot like the physical life in more ways than one. Just as in the physical you need to feed and replenish your body, the soul also needs replenishment. What if it was possible to just plug in your soul for a recharge much in the way you do your phone or laptop every time it is low? Our souls are constantly drained by the cares of life and many times we aren’t aware until we are overwhelmed and cannot take it anymore. So, how do you know that your soul is on the red zone? How do you know that you need a getaway with God?

A getaway with God is where it is just you and Him with you letting Him build you up and heal your mind, emotions and will. Here are signs that you need a proper refreshing getaway with God.


You Are Unable to Make Sound Decisions

One of the signs that you are out of touch with God is that you cannot make sound decisions. A relationship with God enables you to have a sound mind, clarity of thought and sound judgment. When you are away from God and your soul is clogged and pre-occupied with other things then you will be unable to experience the influence of wisdom.


You Are Irritable

Irritability is a sign of burn out and stress. The fruit of the spirit is gentleness, patience and peace. When you are in touch with God it is easy to be more patience and gentle in your dealings with other people. A getaway with God will ensure you release stress and the irritability that comes with being burdened with the cares of life.


Lack of Self-Control

When we experience spiritual dryness, we allow the flesh and sin to control our lives. We lose control of our lives that the Spirit of God allows us to have. Whenever you are falling back to your carnal appetites and desires, it is time for a quality getaway with God.


Lack of Passion for Service and Work

God gives us passion to enable us to find life, service to him and general work exciting and fulfilling. It is being close to God that keeps this passion burning within our souls. When you lose taste of life, service to Him or enthusiasm for work then you need to come to Him and be replenished. God wants us to live life, serve and work out of a close relationship with Him.


Unwholesome Speech

Luke 6:45 tells us that a good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good things because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. When we lack spiritually our speech is devoid of intentionality and is a good sign that you need some quality time with God.


Just For You

If any of the things mentioned are true about you then you need to unplug from your world and plug into God’s replenishing presence. You are welcome to choose from our tailored retreat programs which include Unplug, Be Still Christian Meditation Retreat or the Vision Retreat. Sign up and be a part of a refreshing getaway with God today.

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