A Wonderful Opportunity

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a God getaway retreat that was held in Casafistula, Costa Rica. This was a pre Birthday gift I had given to myself that I have to say has been to date one of the best birthday gifts I have had and experienced. I didn’t know what to anticipate other than I knew we would be doing yoga, practicing Christian guided meditations ( which I was really interested in ) and there would be praise and worship. Well, this retreat was more than I could ever have anticipated. It was like a lavish banquet table that had been set out, where course after course was served, nourishing my body, mind, and spirit. The spirit of the Lord was noticeably present in each of our sessions!

With Rhonda’s guidance, through each session that we had throughout the week, I knew that I was there to hear from God – and I did as I opened up my mind and my heart to what He had to teach me whether it was through Rhonda’€™s guided scripture meditations, her teaching sessions, the diving deeper exercises we did on our own, or the yoga sessions or praise and worship sessions. It was a week that was as intense as it was restful as Rhonda covered some significant and important material in mindfulness based on scripture and giving us tools to apply. It went by so quickly, but during that week I also connected with new friends that I know I will stay in contact with.

The food we were served during this week was fabulous. I think there was more than a few of us who would have liked to have taken the chef with us to be our own personal chef! The accommodations were basic but seemed to be perfect in that we weren’t distracted for why we were there. It was nice to enjoy the hammocks, and the pool that was also there for our enjoyment.

My only recommendation I would have for this retreat would be, that in addition to the hand outs that Rhonda provided us, i think it would have been helpful to have had handouts on the additional notes and stories Rhonda shared as we went through each of our sessions. What Rhonda was sharing was pertinent to what we were learning and I sometimes missed some things as I was wanting to write it all down. Having this information already at hand would be good in that we would mainly have to highlight what stood out to us and we would be able to refer back to them later and it would still make sense. That being said, I would attend another retreat facilitated by Rhonda in a New York minute!

Thank you Rhonda for your obedience to the Holy Spirit guiding you to be a facilitator of these retreats. I was richly and wonderfully blessed and I now have tools to use in my day to day life. Two of the guided meditations that really were transformational for me was the one about the wall of resistance and also the very last one we did together as a group on the Holy Spirit. They were profound and really spoke right into my heart.

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