What Can You Expect from a God Getaway Retreat?

The cares of life will usually drain us in spirit, soul and body. We expend a lot of energy to make ends meet and to ensure that our lives are heading in the right direction as intended for us. It is therefore important to often step back from the pizzazz of life, replenish our energies and do some soul searching.

There are immense benefits that come from going away on God Getaway Retreat. Although the goal of the retreat is usually to reconnect you to God and awaken your spirit and soul, the results are usually wholesome. Here is what you can expect from a God Getaway Retreat;


Learn How to Create and Stick to a Daily Devotion Plan

When you come to the God Getaway we not only want to help you replenish and reconnect to God; we want this experience to become a culture for you so that you will sustain the results when you got back to your normal life. Our retreat packages ensure that you learn how to have a daily devotional plan and how to stick to it with discipline.


Fellowship with Other Believers

A lot of wonderful, smart, and exciting Christians get to sign up for the getaway retreat. By signing up you will get an awesome opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life. You will get an opportunity to fellowship with people who have different experiences with God and who are at different stages in their walk with Christ. This way, you will get different and practical insight about the affairs of life.


Serene Environments

The environment that you dispose yourself is very crucial when it comes to reflecting on God and reconnecting to Him. You can expect to experience the trappings of being in a plush environment that is purposely selected to help you reconnect to God.

You will have an opportunity for an extended quiet time. This will help you connect better to God and to yourself. In the serene environment you will have an opportunity to get into meditation instruction and practice every day.

When you are in the right environment it is easy to release all your burdens, fears and then get filled with wisdom and the power to pursue your dreams. You also get an opportunity to reflect on life, what is working and not working. Philemon 1:6 tells us you are only effective in expressing your faith when you acknowledge every good thing in you.


Healthy Meals

True as the saying goes, you are what you eat. During the retreat you will enjoy the best menus which include healthy vegan or vegetarian meals. The meals are intentionally put together to ensure that you detox, heal and get into your best shape possible. You can choose to adopt the menus too for personal use.


Just For You

There are immense benefits of going for a getaway with God. You can choose any of our upcoming retreats and sign up to be part of something that will awaken and revive you.

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